Tomas Nohal
Sound designer and music producer specialized in film and TV sound postproduction, music production and video editing.
Experienced in wide range of music genres and instrumentations (orchestral, chamber, rock, world, electronic and sampled sounds).
Also experienced in editing and mixing sound for film (dialogues, foley, atmoshperes).
  • Studio recording
  • Music recording direction (orchestral sessions and sections/solo overdubs)
  • Preparing digital recording sessions and tempo tracks synchronized with film
  • Multitrack editing, audio restoration, phrasing and tuning corrections
  • Mixing and mastering (wide range of music genres and instrumentations), combining live recordings with electronic or sampled material. Both stereo and surround formats.

  • Re-recording mix for film
  • Dialogue recording and editing
  • Foley recording and editing
  • Audio material restoration and corrections